Super Smiles: Sedation Dentistry

No matter if you need complex procedures done or are only going in for minor checkups, your dentist can provide you with various forms of sedatives to calm and relax you and provide the necessary care without the worries of pain or anxiety. Due to a branch of dentistry notice of sedation dentistry, several techniques and methods can be used to apply various forms of sedatives to ensure that any issues that could arise with pain or a heightened sense of tooth sensitivity can be minimized and oftentimes eliminated completely.

Simple, complex methods and treatments may be needed to restore your and repair your smile. If you require a complex restoration treatment, the use of general anesthesia is often required. General anesthesia will put you in a place of unconsciousness in which you will feel no pain or will not awake until the anesthesia wears off. However, if you’re only looking for a mild sedation that produces calming and relaxing feelings, gas sedation via laughing gas can be used. Laughing gas is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide used to ease you into any procedures you may need.

If you’d like to straddle the line with your sedation and have dosages adjusted accordingly, the use of oral sedation or intravenous sedation can be effective. Both forms of sedation can be adjusted depending on your sedation needs. With oral sedation, you need to ingest a pill up to an hour before a procedure can be given. However, intravenous sedation can be applied immediately and allow your dentist to go to work.

Do you feel confident in your knowledge about sedation dentistry? With sedation dentistry from Unique Dental Care, we can make sure you receive the oral health care you need. If you wish to schedule an appointment to visit us at our dental office in San Leandro, California, Dr. Rahul Malik and our team can be reached by calling us at 510-380-8343.

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