Enjoy the New Year with Your New Smile Thanks to Cavity Prevention Treatments

How would you rank your oral health care in regards to cavity prevention? Are you doing enough to keep your tooth enamel strong and safe from any potential dental erosion that can arise? If not, consider these effective cavity prevention techniques to help you!

In order to prevent cavities, it is essential to make sure you’re cleaning your mouth daily. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day as well. Always brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss with a shred-resistant floss or an interdental cleaner such as a water flosser. Water flossers are popular because they are easy to use and leave your smile clean and fresh.

To properly make sure your smile is completely clean, it is essential to wash your mouth out after eating. Because your teeth are extra sensitive after meals, it is a good idea to use alternative cleaning utensils such as mouthwash or chewing gum. Studies have shown that chewing gum for a period of 20 minutes after meals can help prevent cavities.

Always make sure you’re eating a healthy diet that contains nutritious minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Be sure to limit snacks in between meals, as it can increase your rate of tooth decay. In addition, avoid sticky or chewy foods that can linger in your mouth long after consumption. For additional help with cavity prevention, visit your dentist for bi-annual professional cleanings.

There truly is no better way to enhance your smile than with cavity prevention treatments. If you would like to discuss cavity prevention treatments and have your teeth examined by our team at Unique Dental Care, please book an appointment with Dr. Rahul Malik and our team at our dentist office. To initiate a visit with us in San Leandro, California, call our office at 510-380-8343. We hope to see you soon!

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