Dental Crowns Can Provide These Functions for Your Smile

Dental crowns are the caps that fully encase the portion of your teeth that is visible above the gum line. These restorations can be used to perform many functions for a variety of tooth irregularities. Our team has provided a list below of the multiple ways a dental crown can provide important functions for your smile:

– Protecting weakened teeth from becoming decayed, cracked, or broken

– Holding the broken parts of a tooth together

– Supporting teeth that have received large fillings and don’t not much remaining tooth structure

– Providing an anchor for dental bridges to hold them in place

– Covering teeth whose size, shape, color, or curvature differs from the surrounding teeth

– Covering dental implants to complete the restoration

– Providing treatment when there is too much damage in the tooth or jawline for other dental treatments

– Providing aesthetic benefits to a misshaped or cosmetically flawed tooth

– Covering teeth that received root canal treatment

– Protecting high-risk teeth from tooth decay

If you would like to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Rahul Malik, please contact Unique Dental Care at 510-380-8343. Our wonderful dentist and team would be happy to help you determine if you need a dental crown in San Leandro, California.

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